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about me

I am a storyteller of memories. My love of nature, textiles and whimsical elements inspire my artwork, recalling childhood and capturing emotions of joy and grief — always, with a sprinkle of humor. 


When I’m with my wax pallets and brushes, I feel connected to my true self. 


The encaustic process is additive and subtractive which allows me to create ethereal layers of wax and texture. To me, it’s a metaphor for life – adding here and there and scraping away what isn’t necessary. Then adding more back in.


In 2020, I lost myself in sorrow and depression after multiple family tragedies. Over the past few years, painting has helped me regain my footing, enabling me to find brilliance in small details of nature and humor in the behavior of day at a time. It is a blessing to share this with others.

I work full time as a graphic designer and paint a few hours before work each day. Please select the email icon at the top or scroll to the contact section at the bottom to purchase a painting, ask questions or request to see works in progress.

615-767-0490  |


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